Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna - Luxury hotel - Chiringuito Beach House - Fry and Grill: our sartorial cocktails

Chiringuito Beach House - Fry and Grill: our sartorial cocktails


Have you ever tasted a sartorial cocktail?

Leonardo, bar tender at Chiringuito Beach House – Fry & Grill defines the sartorial cocktail as a real cocktail that, just like a dress, is tailor-made for the guest.

It’s exactly this handmade aspect, combined with the use of qualitative raw products, which gives our cocktails this unique and authentic flavor.

The soul of our sartorial drinks are in the mix of fruit with Caribbean distillates such as rum or tequila. We prefer the choice of 100% natural fruit to syrups!

Spending time at Chiringuito Beach House – Fry & Grill, then, becomes a unique experience. Immersed in a relaxing atmosphere in chic bohemian style, pampered by the sound of the waves and the unique flavor of a cocktail that can delight the mind and palate.

We look forward to living together the vida loca, both day and night, admiring the beauty of Porto Giunco bay and tasting fried and grilled seafood, fish and meat, but also Hawaiian and Mexican specialties.




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